MENALAC Attends Sea Expo 2021

September 19, 2021

MENALAC’s President and Deputy CEO & General Manager of Al Hokair Group, Entertainment Division – Mishal Al Hokair – inaugurated the expo

Following the successful three-day run of the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expo, MENALAC looks back on key highlights from the event. This was notably the first in-person exhibition for the Leisure & Amusement industry in the Middle East in 18 months.

SEA 2021 was inaugurated by MENALAC’s President & Deputy CEO and General Manager of Al Hokair Group, Entertainment Division – Mishal Al Hokair. Mishal also set an inspiring scene with a keynote speech.

Mishal opened the SEA Summit by delivering a keynote speech titled Welcome to a Resilient MENA Leisure & Attractions Industry that highlighted how, despite the current pandemic and its ensuing challenges, the MENA Leisure & Attraction industry is gaining rapid momentum and gracefully recovering while raising the bar with numerous megaprojects underway.

MENALAC is also proud to have served as SEA’s Knowledge Partner; organising two panel discussions and one safety session on Day 3.

Andrew Such of SEVEN, a MENALAC Member, spoke at the Panel Discussion on Understanding the New Norms of Entertainment & Leisure Business to Ensure Sustainability/Global Learnings: Impact of Covid 19 within the Entertainment & Leisure Landscape that was held on Day 1 of the SEA Summit. The session was moderated by Enrico Galorini of GRS Research & Strategy, also a MENALAC Member.

John Keys of Embed, Pol Mochkovsky of Sacoa, Terry Monkton of Simworx – all MENALAC Members – took to the stage on Day 3 as they discussed How Technology Is Changing The Face of the Leisure & Attractions Industry.

They were followed by fellow MENALAC Members Borislav Atanasov of Walltopia, Robert Cirjak of Wibit, Mike Rigby of Whitewater, Rob Christie of Airparx, and Karel Dubois of AFP Technology- Wavesurfer as they shared insights on up-and-coming Trends and The future Vision of Active Entertainment.

To conclude the panel discussions on Day 3, MENALAC Member Alex Schrott of TÜV SÜD ME, conducted two safety presentations: Overview of the new ISO/EN/ASTM Amusement Rides Applicable in Saudi Arabia and New Safety Focus on Operation & Use Risk Assessment – OURA.

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