Operator Membership

Operator Membership

AED 3,000AED 10,000  

  • USD: 3,000$ - 10,000$

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Any organization owning an Amusement or Leisure operations within the MENA Region.

  • An organization which employs < 49 employees; Annual Fees AED 3,000/-
  • An organization which employs 50-99 employees; Annual Fees AED 7,500/-
  • An organization which employs > 100 & above employees. Annual Fees AED 10,000/-

Membership Privileges

  • An Operator Member can nominate one individual person associated with the Operator Organization in their capacity as an Owner or an Employee to represent their interests in the Council.
  • Each Operator Member will possess one voting right at the Annual General Meeting of the Council.
  • Listing in the membership directory.

Additional information

No. of employees

Number of employees <50, Number of employees (50-99), Number of employees >= 100