Menalac’s Leisure, Entertainment & Attractions Conference Returns With A Bang Focussing On The Changing Landscape Of Entertainment In The Mena Region.

March 26, 2022

Following four highly successful conferences, MENALAC’s well-attended Leisure, Entertainment & Attractions (LEA) Conference makes its 2022 comeback.

The conference will be hosted on March 27-29, in conjunction with DEAL 2022.

Every year, MENALAC hosts its Leisure, Entertainment & Attractions (L.E.A.) Conference that runs alongside the DEAL Trade Exhibition in Dubai with an intention to give an insight into the latest opportunities and trends, and provide education and information to the industry. The event is very well attended by the Leisure Professionals from the MENA and International Amusement Industry and is a great educational and networking opportunity for the industry.

These LEA Conferences are driven by MENA industry professionals with a sole aim to add more value to our industry and its people. The LEA Conferences attract C-Level and Senior Management Professionals from the MENA and Global Attractions Industry for its CEO CONCLAVE. Leading health & safety professionals look to update on the latest innovations and trends in HSE management. This year LEA will also add the Waterpark Conference which will bring the regional waterpark industry together.

The theme of LEA Conference 2022 is the Changing Landscape of Entertainment in the MENA REGION and will be held over 3 days as below:

The Water Park Conference to be held at Legoland Dubai on March 27, 2022  from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. The water park conference commences the 3 days. Here you will see top names and heavyweights of the water park industry all under the same roof. The conference will provide industry knowledge, maintenance practices and tips to ensure your waterpark flourishes. From gaining insights into the evolution of waterparks in the Middle East to operating considerations, this conference will provide key insights, panel sessions and a tour around Legoland Waterpark.

THE CEO CONCLAVE at LEA Conference to be held on March 28th 2022 from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM at Dubai World Trade Centre. On the 28th March, The CEO Conclave conference will take place. The event program will hold many interesting topics, such as Expo and its added value to the UAE and a MENALAC market outlook on the leisure & attractions industry. Panel discussions are to take place consisting of how to grow a strong brand across MENA and regional perspective on the leisure and attractions industry.

The Safety Day at LEA Conference will be held on March 29th, 2022 from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM at Dubai World Trade Centre. Concluding the 3 days will be the Safety Day on March 29th. Focusing on innovations and digitizing health and safety, this conference will consist of keynote addresses, interactive sessions, and discussions. The core aim of this conference is to educate and raise awareness on the latest standards and technologies in safety, testing updates and the impact on health safety and wellness.

Committed to empowering industry professionals and helping them achieve excellence, MENALAC hosts its events with a mission to keep industry professionals informed on the current status of the MENA Leisure & Attractions industry.

MENALAC’s ultimate goal is to elevate the industry’s overall benchmarking standards and make the region even more prominent on the global stage.