MENA Leisure And Attractions Industry To Experience Highly-Anticipated Boost During Ramadan And Eid

May 9, 2021

When asked to describe the industry’s future as an emotion, “optimistic” is the sweeping response across the regional Leisure and Attractions industry

The business of leisure in the MENA region is gaining steam during Ramadan. Staying resilient during the pandemic, MENA Leisure and Attractions businesses are all set to welcome a larger number of visitors during Ramadan and the subsequent Eid holidays.

The Leisure and Attractions industry is not only one of the greatest contributors to national GDPs in the region, it also brings immense joy to families looking to spend more quality time together during Ramadan and Eid. Making the Holy Month a truly memorable time for families, the region’s theme parks, family entertainment centres, water parks, and other attractions continue to bring stunning world-class experiences to visitors.

Rosa Tahmaseb, Secretary General at MENALAC shares, “The MENA region is highly enthusiastic about leisure. This paired with Ramadan and Eid, a period during which people have more time to spend on themselves and their loved ones, will result in a much-needed revenue uptick for our sector”.

So what makes the region such a coveted destination for Leisure and Attractions? Here’s an insight into what sets the MENA apart.

An appetite for technology

Digital and contactless technologies are expected to “transform” the industry. There’s a lot in store for visitors with state-of-the-art technology on the horizon, backed by a $350-billion-dollar-investment and exceptional talent.

Rosa Tahmaseb, Secretary General at MENALAC comments, “We’re thrilled to see technology being adopted more regularly at multiple attractions across the MENA region. The uptake of technology means that our ever-evolving industry can clearly see the benefits of better technology, both from a business management tool view as well as the increased hygiene and security measures that come as standard with various ticketing and cashless cards systems”. She continues, “It is fantastic to see how each attraction adopts the new technologies available to them from amusement parks in Dubai with their contactless technology to Cultural sites in Saudi Arabia”.

Sustainability also plays a key role in the industry’s future with eco-friendly features forming a cornerstone of up and coming projects in the region.

A commitment to evolution

Renowned for its passion for leisure and entertainment, the MENA region remains committed to bringing its residents and international visitors world-class experiences. As waves of cultural change make their way through the region, the industry has an exciting future waiting for it.

A fast-moving vaccination drive

The UAE and GCC’s commendable vaccination programme has had a positive impact on the Leisure and Attractions sector. With the rise in the number of inoculations, Leisure and Attractions businesses are swiftly getting the green signal to resume operations. The regional sentiment towards the vaccination is also a positive one with 77% of MENA travellers keen to receive it as soon as it is available to them, according to Wego, the largest online travel marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa.

Silvio Liedtke, CEO of Landmark Leisure & Vice President of MENALAC says, “We remain resilient and have our eyes set firmly on the future. We are confident of the sector’s ongoing and future growth. Our industry greatly enhances regional culture and contributes to national GDPs, and we look forward to taking them to greater heights. We also continue to be grateful for the government initiatives that are helping us resume action and take a leap into the future”.

Working with MENA Leisure and Attractions industry stakeholders, the Middle East and North Africa Leisure & Attractions Council (MENALAC) is at the cutting-edge of industry insights, news, and budding projects.