Nicholas Neuman
Project Development / CEO
Dan Moore
Business Development Leader

100 Park Avenue
Beaver Dam
P.O. Box : 53916
United States of America

Water Technology, Inc.

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Member Category: Manufacturer / Supplier / Consultant/Service Provider

Water Technology, Inc. is a premier, internationally recognized aquatic destination planning, design and engineering firm with an award-winning design portfolio. WTI maintains the widest range of experience in the waterpark, resort and aquatics industry. WTl’s world renowned firm staffs over sixty professionals, all dedicated to water entertainment. Water Technology’s global experience has taken indoor and outdoor waterpark development to new heights by integrating the latest technology in design, engineering and construction.


  • Waterparks
  • Architecture & Design
  • Engineering
  • Lazy Action River
  • Surf Pool
  • Water Play Areas
  • Wave Pools

Countries supplying to

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania

Segments supplying to

  • Indoor Theme Park
  • Outdoor Theme Park
  • Water Park