Clair Hain
Owner / President
Olivia Hain
Director of Public Relations

2627 State Route 890
Sunbury Pennsylvania
P.O. Box : 17801
United States of America

Great Coasters International Inc.

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Member Category: Manufacturer / Supplier / Consultant/Service Provider

Great Coasters International Inc. offers the highest quality, smoothest, and most twisted wooden coasters to theme parks all over the world. Our project coordinators, engineers, and field construction supervisors has earned the reputation of being the most conscientious in the business. Our attention to detail makes the addition of a GCII wooden coasters a solid investment. It is an investment with a company that views itself as your partner, offering a lifetime of service and support after the attraction is open. Innovation is very important to GCII, in recent years, GCII has included new material into the design and build of our coasters. The new Titan Track (steel track) has opened many doors for GCII as we can now create hybrid coasters. The hybrid coasters can be a complete hybrid or can replace smaller sections of wood track that has a high stress point. GCII is at the top of their game and continues to excel in new innovations, new designs, and new partnerships.

Countries supplying to

Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Poland, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Dubai, Finland, and UK

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  • Theme Park